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My Next Appointment Option 44

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My Next Appointment Option 44

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My Next Appointment Option 44

Online Appointment Book

- with Home Site
- with Google Map
- with Public Calendar
- with Private Calendar
- with Client Booking


This package is for business owners who want an online booking system in conjunction with an attractive web site. It provides owners with a site which their clients can use to register and then enter the online booking system. You will be provided with a unique system URL that will open your booking web site. If you already have a web site you can link to the booking entry page in a new browser window.

Your appointment system will remain under your control. All clients must register and step through a simple process to request access. You can also assign managers and give them administrative access. A manager might be a call center, answering service, partner or employee.

You will receive alerts for client access requests as well as client bookings at your designated inbox. That inbox can be your phone, email address or PDA.

My Next Appointment is fully functioning server software and is loaded with features. You can attach a client name, phone number, email address and notes to call-in bookings. You can also quickly reschedule and cancel appointments in a single click. It will track a client's history, let you flag a client as arrived or as a no-show, and you can book up to 52 repeat appointments with a single mouse click.

As an online booking system MyNA is true next generation cloud software.


The Home Site option is ideal for owners who want an effective, low cost and reliable web presence. With this option you choose your web site theme. Themes include business, health, beauty, fitness, medical and financial page designs.

You can include one larger image and a second smaller image. The smaller image can be linked to another website, such as a blog or shopping cart. The home site will also display your services and weekly hours of operation on separate pages. The price for services can be shown or hidden from view.

Your business message will occupy this space and will be indexed for keywords. All members have access to a search function in their private appointment centers to locate businesses.

Finally, you can prepend a unique domain prefix onto or or and use that URL as your permanent web address.


Option 44 includes a Google map that will display the geographic location of your business. The really cool feature of the Google map is that users can double click a street or road and display an image of your location below the map. Click the LOCATION button in the top menu to view this option.

Street View is an ongoing Google project. If you select the map option specifically for the street view feature, then please test it to make sure that your street has been photographed.


Option 44 includes the public calendar. To view the calendar click the HOURS button in the top menu.

In your set up you will set your weekly hours of operation, but you can override those hours of operation for any day of the year. Any adjustments to your normal schedule will be displayed in your public calendar.

Because this is a publicly accessible calendar you do not want random people looking at your appointment history. All past dates display as 100% full. Future dates show the number of appointments booked on that date and the percentage of time remaining that is still available for appointments.

A drop down list provides clients and visitors with the ability to view the general appointment activity of any visible column in your appointment book. Columns which you mark as hidden and retain for internal use only cannot be selected and viewed in the public calendar.


Option 44 also includes the private calendar. The private calendar provides both a month view and week view of appointment activity for each column in your appointment book. The booking process can be initiated from both month view and week view.

Month view is accessible to management personnel and approved clients. It displays the number of currently booked appointments for each day of the month and the percentage of time remaining that is still available for booking.

In short, month view speeds up the booking process when searching for an open time slot in a busy schedule. The limitation for approved clients, however, is they cannot select or view the general appointment data for any columns which you mark as hidden and have retained for internal use.

Week view, on the other hand, lists all appointments for a given week, including notes, phone numbers and email addresses. Week view can only be accessed by management personnel.

Open this URL in a new browser window to view a static demo of the private calendar.


Note that these pages will accommodate different languages. For example, you may want to display your message in Français.

Le message d'entreprise peut être en français ou en toute autre langue.

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